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Tournaments Organized in Our House - update 2011

Written by KarelAdmin
Friday, 15 July 2011

zbrane We are organizing the following tournaments every year:

Jarní pohár (Spring Cup, Fruehlingspokal), Magistrátní turnaj (Prague City Tournament, Turnier der Hauptstadt Prag), Veteránská vrš (Veteran Vrs), Cena Rudolfa Kratochvíla (Rudolf Kratochvil's Prize, Rudolf-Kratochvil-Preis).


Spring Cup/Fruehlingspokal/Jarní pohár in foil: women senior+junior, men senior+junior

International foil tournament, organized since reviving the club in 1991. Takes place every April or May.

magistratniPrague City Tournament/Turnier der Hauptstadt Prag/O Pohár hlavního Města Prahy (Magistrátní turnaj) in foil: women senior+junior, men senior+junior

The foil tournament supported by the city of Prague is our contribution to fencing development in younger categories. The first time it has been organized in 2000. Takes place in september or October.

Veteran Vrs/Veteránská vrš: veteran tournament in foil, epee, and sabre

vrsNovember tournament from the series of the Czech Veteran Fencing Association (VFA) in all weapons and age groups from AK0 (30-39years) to AK III (60+). For the first time in 2011.

Rudolf Kratochvil's Prize/Rudolf-Kratochvil-Preis/Cena Rudolfa Kratochvíla in epee: men cadets, women seniors

Epee tournament celebrating the name of Mr. Rudolf Kratochvil - man, fencer, trainer, member of our club. He has worked in the Vrsovice Sokol club with other great czech fencers of the past,  Marie Krubova-Sediva and Jaroslav Kruba, until the official closing of Sokol in 1953. An excellent fencer, achieving most of his memorable results between the world wars. Acting as trainer since 1950s. He has helped to revive the fencing club in Sokol Prague Vrsovice in 1991. The tournament takes place every December.

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