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Club Sign - Proposal 2010

Written by KarelAdmin
Monday, 04 October 2010

Club Logo - Proposal 2010

Stylized portrait of a fencer, wearing a mask, with a foil in hand. His shoulders and weapon arm consist of the text "ŠERM TJ SOKOL PRAHA VRŠOVICE". Gold (yellow) color on blue background corresponds to the sign of Vršovice (Prague city quarter since 1902).

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Fencing and fencers in Sokol Vršovice

Written by KarelAdmin
Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Brief history of our club written by chairman of the club and main coach Miroslav Doležel.

Sokol sign fencers

Fencing and fencers in Sokol Vršovice

The art of fencing in Prague had it's numerous followers and experts even during those ages, when nobody could have any idea about it's future sport form. Schools of fencing could be found here already in 16th century, when the fencing masters were still members of respectable cutlers guild in Prague, first clubs then – officers or academic mainly – since 17th century. The fencing was considered to be a beneficial and noble physical exercise also by Dr. Tyrš (1832-1884, Charles University of Prague professor and co-founder of Czech Sokol Community - an organization supporting modern sport development in Czech lands, translation of "Sokol" is "Falcon"). In spite of his best meant attempt to create Czech language fencing terminology was not successful, his fondness of fencing, and sabre fencing specially, didn't diminish. Fencing also become one of the first “establishing” olympic sports at the end of 19th century. This was the most fortunate beginning of change from martial art to modern sport.

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